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Like most of my characters I lie. I do it everyday, whether on the page or in my head.  It's what writers do. We dig and toil amongst our private wastes, sifting through toxic sands and sipping swill alongside beggars and scoundrels. It's where I'm most at home, at peace. But like all things in life, it sometimes comes from darker times, darker places. It's a toll worth paying, though, and perhaps what's necessary to spur my particular muse.  After all, I'm no hero, no wise cracking thief or brilliant engineer. I've never stared down a dust storm or stormed an impenetrable fortress. I can't fight and if you turned on a Sunday football game I'd quickly sink into a blank state of despair.

But when I write I am who I want to be: the good, the bad, the heinous and everything else in between. That's why I do it. That's why I love it. 

But writing isn't my only bag of tricks. I'm also a videographer and editor with a successful business I run out of my home town in NJ. Also, when the desire hits me, I enjoy exploring and photographing abandoned buildings and institutions.  You can check out some of my adventures here! 


I'm also an enormous fan of cinema (I went to SVA and majored as an editor) and I still do enjoy a great video game now and then (Battlefield 1 is my current favorite). If you have some time you can check out both my thesis film and the documentary I produced and directed several years back.

So toss down a few coins on Amazon and kick back for one hell of a ride. Maybe even hand it off to a friend. Either way, I'll entertain you. Enjoy and keep checking in for more info about the Culver and the adventures of my dregs. 

-Chris R. Sendrowski

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