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The Servant's Lament
Book 1

The Servant & The Scoundrel

Book 1 - The servant and the scoundrel.jpg

Available in ebook, paperback and hardcover formats

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In the realm of Desomen, Philem Clane was the very embodiment of loyalty and service. As a devoted lorianas to his friend and king, King Donan, he stood as the paragon of servitude, earning him the esteemed title of the greatest servant in the land.

Yet, his mettle will soon be tested.

When King Wren of Strantoden, Desomen's archenemy, extends an unprecedented olive branch in the form of a historic peace summit, Philem is entrusted with the monumental task of orchestrating a grand feast that holds the fate of both continents in precarious balance. However, beneath the facade of diplomacy, hidden agendas lurk, leading to the ultimate betrayal of Philem's loyalty as he is traded to the Strantodians.

Marooned on a hostile and toxic continent, Philem must now start anew, serving the very nemesis of his former lord, King Wren, a tyrant of infamous repute whose insatiable hunger for a mystical weapon threatens to ignite an invasion upon Philem's homeland.

Guided by loyalty and the glimmer of redemption, Philem must warn those he holds dear about the impending tempest of war. Yet, the path ahead is fraught with peril, demanding sacrifices that cut to the very core of his being.

"The Servant and the Scoundrel" heralds the dawn of a new fantasy series, "The Servant's Lament" - a chilling saga set in uncharted fantasy realms, where monstrous horrors lurk and unsung champions rise. Immerse yourself in a world that ignites the senses, where heroes emerge from the depths of darkness, and destiny unfolds in the most unexpected of ways. Prepare for an enthralling odyssey that will captivate your imagination and never let go.

Coming March 30, 2024!

The Servant's Lament
Book 2

The Song of the
Checkered Court

The Song of the Checkered Court.jpg

Stationed at Eelop Castle on the enigmatic continent of Strantodin, Philem is drawn into a realm veiled in mystery and shadowy traditions. Wrestling with the peculiar customs of his enigmatic master, he unearths a latent, magical power throbbing within the depths of his soul. However, beneath the facade of Eelop Castle lies a labyrinth of deceit, propelling Philem into a perilous quest for a weapon that threatens his homeland.

As the tendrils of danger tighten, Philem faces a pivotal choice: stand against his newfound master's ominous plans or embark on a desperate journey to safeguard his homeland. The fate of Strantodin hangs in the balance, and with every step, Philem must navigate a world where alliances are fragile, and the line between friend and foe blurs.

Will Philem unravel the enigma of Eelop Castle and thwart the impending threat, or will he be forced to flee Strantodin in a race against time to reclaim his home?

Queen of Rats
A new fantasy novel

Now available on Amazon

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Now Available!

Imprisoned for a lie, left to die. Ember's journey is one of vengeance and salvation.

Beneath the sprawling jungle city of Nethra lies a vast sewer labyrinth, an abyss where Ember Wellen, a prodigious musician, languishes. Her heart burns for one thing: retribution for her sister's murder.

Emerging from the depths, Ember's quest is twofold: dethrone the tyrant king and thwart an ancient malevolence stirring beneath the cobbled streets.

In the dark and captivating fantasy realm of Retrac Daor, 'Queen of Rats' unfurls—a tale of shadowed vendettas and the battle to save a city teetering on the precipice of darkness. As Ember orchestrates her reckoning, the line between victory and defeat blurs, leaving no soul untouched, not even the Queen of Rats.

Immerse yourself in this enthralling revenge saga, a symphony of intricate world-building and pulse-pounding exploits. If you crave a journey where courage meets retribution, grab your copy today! Discover why readers far and wide are resonating with Ember's odyssey.

Now Available
The Dregs of the Culver Waste Omnibus
Books 1+2


e-book only  $2.99

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Amazon e-book  $2.99

Paperback   $12.99

Hardcover $19.99

Haliden's Fire - A fantasy Novel


In a world consumed by flames, one man's journey becomes a beacon of hope, challenging fate itself to save both his people and the legacy of their past.

Haliden Stroke, renowned painter of Alimane, once basked in the glow of recognition, wealth, and a serene countryside retreat. But his unrelenting devotion to his craft exacted a profound toll, costing him the greatest treasure of all: his wife, Milane.

Now, as the sinister blaze known as the Breath engulfs the land in its fiery embrace for the first time in centuries, Haliden forsakes everything for a final opportunity to mend his shattered bonds.

But a land fraught with peril stands between him and the chance to reclaim his love. Amidst the chaos, fire-worshipping zealots, beasts, and cunning thieves prey upon those fleeing towards the sanctuary of the Block—a colossal granite bulwark constructed centuries ago to shield the privileged from the ravages of the Breath.

It's within these very walls that Milane, Haliden's beloved, has sought refuge in the arms of a new suitor.

Haliden's odyssey becomes a race against the infernal maelstrom, a perilous sprint through the fires of damnation itself, all in a fervent bid to rekindle the flames of love awaiting him at the precipice of annihilation.

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“Haliden’s Fire burns with original world building, compelling characters and a story that pushes relentlessly forward through impossible to anticipate twists and turns. This is one of the year’s must read fantasy novels.”


-Philip Athans, Best Selling Author of Annihilation and Writing Monsters

NEW Revised Sand and Scrap Cover.jpg

Amazon e-book  FREE

Paperback   $12.99

Hardcover   $22.99

Audio Book   $21.95

Dregs of the Culver Waste - Book 1
Sand and Scrap

Embark on a perilous journey through a world teeming with action and intricate world-building, where the stage is set for a relentless adventure across the unforgiving landscapes of Retrac Daor.

In the wake of years marked by magical conflicts, the once-beautiful Culver now stands as a desolate, forsaken wasteland—a grim testament to a forgotten past. Yet, within its scorched earth and tainted air, a promise of untold wealth beckons to the intrepid souls willing to traverse its war-torn expanse. Treasures and relics of staggering worth lie within reach, tempting men to stake their very lives in the pursuit of fortune.

Among them is Michael Carter, a figure unyielding in his determination to seize the riches that lay concealed beneath the Culver's scarred surface. Alongside a motley assembly of scrappers, he unearths a chamber veiled in mystery—a discovery that triggers a global upheaval. For within this chamber lies a magical rock coveted by the sorcerous elite of the world, a mineral of unparalleled potency capable of commanding both the earth and heavens.

As the world's gaze fixates on the Culver's hidden wonders, Michael and his comrades are thrust into a breakneck race across the wasteland and an acid-ridden sea, compelled to safeguard the newfound power from those who would exploit it. The destiny of the Culver—and conceivably the entire realm—rests precariously upon their shoulders.

"The dark milieu and the fantastic descriptions of this world where Mad Max meets Dune will leave an indelible impression upon the reader, even the minute details such as the unique words for time such as calls and turns. And as awful as the world is, the curiosity is much too persuasive. It's difficult to let this world go.
Incredibly well written, this is one of the best first novels I've ever come across."

The Portsmouth Review

NEW Requiem for the Bastards Cover copy.jpg

Amazon e-book  $2.99

Paperback   $11.99

Hardcover   $19.99

 NEW!!!  Audio Book $5.99  

Dregs of the Culver Waste - Book 2 

Requiem for the Bastards

A horrifying world of magic and chaos. A race across a deadly sea of acid. Join Michael Carter and his ragtag group of scrappers as they attempt to save the world of Ratrac Daor from a alien invader lurking in the stars.

After fleeing the Culver Waste aboard the notorious whaling vessel, Baleard's Bastard, Michael Carter and his companions continue their search for Menutee's priceless meridium, a material so powerful that every realm is now trying to obtain it.

But first they must traverse the vast and deadly Acid, a sea devastated by elemental magic and war. And they are not the only ones joining in the quest. Clans of shark riders and pirates, princes and magic men all seek the same mineral. And they will do whatever it takes to obtain it.

So now the eyes of the world turn to a handful of dregs. For the prize they seek could either unite the scattered realms of Retrac Daor, or call out to beings long since lost to the black void of space and time.

Requiem for the Bastards is a fast paced thrill ride filled with detailed world building and a cast of ragtag scoundrels, heroes and magic men. If you love new fantasy worlds populated with deep, relatable characters, you'll love this action packed conclusion to the Dregs of the Culver Waste duology. Grab your copy today and hold onto your seat... it's going to be one hell of a ride!



"Sendrowski is highly skilled at creating mood and atmosphere. His planet is populated with horrors that would make even H.P. Lovecraft shudder but also with characters, whether normal human or something else entirely, that have emotions and motivations that are both real and identifiable. Gritty and often violent, his novel is the perfect escape for those who enjoy dark fantasy." - The US Review of Books  Full Review...


​"Sendrowski's new series is ambitious and unique. The world is vivid, dark, and dynamic. Most of the characters, even secondary ones, have fully fleshed out backstories and motivations separate from the main plot. This lends the story a worn-in feeling, perfect for the start of a series." - IndieReader  Full Review...



"The dark milieu and the fantastic descriptions of this world where Mad Max meets Dune will leave an indelible impression upon the reader, even the minute details such as the unique words for time such as calls and turns. And as awful as the world is, the curiosity is much too persuasive. It's difficult to let this world go.
Incredibly well written, this is one of the best first novels I've ever come across." - The Portsmouth Review  Full review



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