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Haliden's Fire

a fantasy novel


Haliden Stroke, the famous painter of Alimane, thought he had it all: recognition, wealth, a dream home nestled in the quiet countryside. But his obsession with work eventually cost him the only thing that truly mattered to him: his wife, Milane.


And now, as the deadly wall of fire known as the Breath slowly burns its way across the land for the first time in four hundred years, Haliden gives up everything for one last chance to make amends.


But leagues of chaos and danger stand between him and his love. Fire worshippers and thieves plague the land, preying on those fleeing toward the refuge known as the Block - a massive, granite wall built hundreds of years earlier to protect the wealthiest from the Breath. The very same place where Haliden's Milane has taken refuge.


But can Haliden get there in time? And will Milane still be waiting for him as the world burns?


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“Haliden’s Fire burns with original world building, compelling characters and a story that pushes relentlessly forward through impossible to anticipate twists and turns. This is one of the year’s must read fantasy novels.”


-Philip Athans, Best Selling Author of Annihilation and Writing Monsters

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Edition 3 New Vers Sand and Scrap .jpg
Dregs of the Culver Waste - Book 1
Sand and Scrap

Michael stared at the sand as nervous sweat slid down his brow. The nagra were everywhere, nesting beneath the polluted ground, waiting to drag down the unwary. "And it only takes one false step," he whispered. 

A tough break, but that was the life of a Culver cleanser. Dig, scrap, disarm and hope to return from a work detail with enough fingers to still count your pay.  

But as with any risk there are great rewards. Even in the Culver Waste, a land fouled by a decade long war and plagued with poisonous elemental traps and vicious predators, treasures untold remain hidden beneath the toxic sands. Relics, scrap, weapons, even entire cities... all abandoned and forgotten after the last great magic war swallowed the land whole. 

But not everything can remain lost forever. And when Michael Carter and his work crew unearth a mysterious bunker while on a cleansing run, they soon learn some things are best never found again.

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Coming March 2020
I'm banging away at the sequel to Dregs, but it's a long process - at least for me. Currently I am chipping away at a lot of content to really tighten up the pace. Keep checking in to find out the exact release date, as well as more info about my stand alone novel, Haliden's Fire, which you can read about further down the page!!!!
In the meantime, here' s a brief synopsis for Requiem for the Bastards!
After fleeing the Culver Waste aboard the notorious whaling vessel, Baleard's Bastard, Michael Carter and his companions continue their search for Menutee's priceless meridium.


But unbeknownst to them, the Bastard's captain, Kraken Ro, has other motives. For the great laxore whale, Mircala, who is transporting Menutee's prize across the toxic sea, is the very same beast responsible for the death of his father and comrades.


Now, fueled by blind rage, Kraken will stop at nothing to satiate his thirst for revenge. Even at the cost of the Bastard and everyone aboard.


So as both the hunter and hunted race across the sea toward the metal city of Tritan, the eyes of the world once more turn toward a handful of dregs. For the prize they seek could either unite the scattered realms, or call out to beings long since lost to the black void of space and time.



"Sendrowski is highly skilled at creating mood and atmosphere. His planet is populated with horrors that would make even H.P. Lovecraft shudder but also with characters, whether normal human or something else entirely, that have emotions and motivations that are both real and identifiable. Gritty and often violent, his novel is the perfect escape for those who enjoy dark fantasy." - The US Review of Books  Full Review...


​"Sendrowski's new series is ambitious and unique. The world is vivid, dark, and dynamic. Most of the characters, even secondary ones, have fully fleshed out backstories and motivations separate from the main plot. This lends the story a worn-in feeling, perfect for the start of a series." - IndieReader  Full Review...



"The dark milieu and the fantastic descriptions of this world where Mad Max meets Dune will leave an indelible impression upon the reader, even the minute details such as the unique words for time such as calls and turns. And as awful as the world is, the curiosity is much too persuasive. It's difficult to let this world go.
Incredibly well written, this is one of the best first novels I've ever come across." - The Portsmouth Review  Full review