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Books by Chris R. Sendrowski

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Queen of Rats
They kept Ember's musical talent hidden from the world.
But the king of Nethra learned the truth. A truth that killed her sister and condemned Ember to life in prison in the sewers beneath Nethra. 
Now she must find her way back to the surface so she can exact her revenge.
But a new enemy awaits her in the dark. A long forgotten horror that threatens the very existence of Nethra.
Now Ember must choose between revenge or saving the very city that turned its back on her. 
Final Cover Dregs Omnibus Set Art.jpg
Dregs of the Culver Waste Box Set

Join scrapper and wanderer, Michael Carter, and his fellow scavengers as they venture into the barren and deadly Culver Waste. A land so ravaged by years of war and magic, one false step could mean instant and agonizing death.

But great riches await those brave enough to explore its abandoned cities and battlefields. Relics and weapons so powerful, that when Michael and his companions unearth a mysterious chamber, the eyes of the world turn upon the Waste.

For within the device lies a magical mineral so powerful, its wielders could control both the land and sky.

Now Michael and his companions must race across the Culver in the hopes of hiding the weapon from those who would exploit it.

For the fate of the Culver, and possibly the entire world, now rests upon their shoulders.

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Haliden's Fire

Haliden Stroke, the famous painter of Alimane, thought he had it all: recognition, wealth, a dream home nestled in the quiet countryside. But his obsession with work eventually cost him the only thing that truly mattered to him: his wife, Milane.


And now, as the deadly wall of fire known as the Breath slowly burns its way across the land for the first time in four hundred years, Haliden gives up everything for one last chance to make amends.


But leagues of chaos and danger stand between him and his love. Fire worshippers and thieves plague the land, preying on those fleeing toward the refuge known as the Block - a massive, granite wall built hundreds of years earlier to protect the wealthiest from the Breath. The very same place where Haliden's Milane has taken refuge.


But can Haliden get there in time? And will Milane be waiting for him as the world burns?

Now available!

2nd Edition EBOOK sand and scrap
Dregs of the Culver Waste - Book 1
Sand and Scrap
ASIN: 0692612572

Michael stared at the sand as nervous sweat slid down his brow. The nagra were everywhere, nesting beneath the polluted ground, waiting to drag down the unwary. "And it only takes one false step," he whispered. 

A tough break, but that was the life of a Culver cleanser. Dig, scrap, disarm and hope to return from a work detail with enough fingers to still count your pay.  

But as with any risk there are great rewards. Even in the Culver Waste, a land fouled by a decade long war and plagued with poisonous elemental traps and vicious predators, treasures untold remain hidden beneath the toxic sands. Relics, scrap, weapons, even entire cities... all abandoned and forgotten after the last great magic war swallowed the land whole. 

But not everything can remain lost forever. And when Michael Carter and his work crew unearth a mysterious bunker while on a cleansing run, they soon learn some things are best never found again.

Now available!

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Dregs of the Culver Waste - Book 2
Requiem for the Bastards

After fleeing the Culver Waste aboard the notorious whaling vessel, Baleard's Bastard, Michael Carter and his companions continue their search for Menutee's priceless meridium.


But unbeknownst to them, the Bastard's captain, Kraken Ro, has other motives. For the great laxore whale, Mircala, who is transporting Menutee's prize across the toxic sea, is the very same beast responsible for the death of his father and comrades.


Now, fueled by blind rage, Kraken will stop at nothing to satiate his thirst for revenge. Even at the cost of the Bastard and everyone aboard.


So as both the hunter and hunted race across the sea toward the metal city of Tritan, the eyes of the world once more turn toward a handful of dregs. For the prize they seek could either unite the scattered realms, or call out to beings long since lost to the black void of space and time.



Now Available!

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